School Improvement Overview


Our Infant School Priorities Summer 2016

We are improving quality of teaching and learning by:

  • Having an engaging and challenging curriculum, especially for the more able.

  • Continuing to use effective questioning to promote good learning and test children’s understanding.

  • Children being aware of and working towards the next steps in their learning. 

  • Embedding the ‘Behaviours for Learning’ that are already in place and enable children to learn confidently and with independence.


Improving Outcomes for all children by:

  • Tracking progress and attainment

  • Maintaining the very effective and consistent behaviour management across the school, including our pastoral systems.

  • Closing of any gaps between boy/girl attainment and progress

  • Continuing to use strategies to identify those not making appropriate progress.

  • Mapping the support we provide across the whole school and regularly reviewing this.

  • Developing our programme of training opportunities for all staff, including Teaching Assistants (e.g. English as an Additional Language and Supporting Early Years) and ensuring good communication between and within classes and groups.

Improving outcomes in writing by:

  • Having consistency in presentation across the school.
  • Building resilience to write at length.
  • Continuing to use good quality ‘talk’ to support well written work.
  • Developing further opportunities across the curriculum and beyond the classroom for talking and writing.

Leadership and Management of the school was graded as Outstanding by Ofsted in May 2013. Governors were seen to challenge and support the school leaders. They were also commended for their knowledge and understanding of the school and its systems.  We, however, are always endeavouring to make improvements…

Improve effectiveness of Governing Body by:

  • Commissioning an external review of governance.
  • Providing further support and challenge for the development of the school and Children’s Centre in a changing environment.
  • Improving community perception of the school
  • Further developing our good rapport with parents
  • Planning the strategic growth plan for 2017 and beyond.