Year Two Autumn Term Curriculum Statement

This autumn, our learning centres on the cross curricular topic Explorers! This is such an exciting topic and there are lots of interesting things we want to learn, make and experience.

In our cross curricular lessons we will be:

  • Using our IT programming skills to navigate objects around space.
  • Reading fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Retelling stories set in space.
  • Writing space poems, to practise using adjectives and adverbs.
  • We will be recreating the surface of the moon using a modelling material and painting it.
  • We will be writing diary entries from the perspective of an explorer.
  • We will be researching and learning about famous explorers in order to write reports about them.
  • We will be learning about materials and their uses and forces.
  • We will be designing and making rockets, then of course, launching them!
  • We will be exploring the world by learning about the countries which make up the UK; continents and oceans.
  • We will be using voices expressively through speaking chants and rhymes, playing tunes and un-tuned instruments and rehearsing and performing with others developing musical scores to accompany performances. We will be learning dance, focusing on body shapes, balance and sequencing patterns to time and evaluating our pieces. We will then be learning yoga.
  • We will be using marbling techniques to create a painting of a planet.
  • In R.E we will be learning about expression of belief and the importance of Church. In Collective Worship we will be looking at the values of Trust and then Compassion. We will also be thinking about New Beginnings and Getting on and falling out in PSHE.
  • In Maths we will be learning about place value, addition and subtraction facts to 20, addition and subtraction using concrete objects, pictorial representations and mental methods, reading and writing numbers in words, comparing and ordering numbers using less than (<) and greater than (>). We will also be applying our reasoning skills in quantities and measures. Maybe you could bake at home and encourage your child to read scales and jugs?

Thank you for your support,
the Year 2 team.