Diss Community and Church Primary Schools Federation

Curriculum Statement for Nursery

If you visit our Nursery you will see children who are purposeful, calm, confident and independent. You will see adults who move to where the children are engaged and interact with them as they play. You will see an environment that is equipped to meet the needs, interests and stages of development of each child. You will see children making fantastic progress.


In our Nursery we do not plan ahead, we remain ‘in the moment’ with the children as they explore and learn. We observe carefully and learning is enhanced when we spot a ‘teachable moment’. We record our interactions and observations afterwards.

In our Nursery your child will learn through a ‘workshop’ style environment. This means that our tables will be empty at the start of the session but children may access all the resources in the area. This encourages children to become independent and make choices about their learning. Research has shown that children’s brains are ‘lit up’ and learning is taking place when they are fully engaged in an activity of their choice.

Our Areas of Provision include the following:

  • Small World – imaginative play using characters, vehicles, animals, natural materials, buildings and different environments.
  • Book Area – looking at books, sharing stories, using puppets to retell stories.
  • Construction Area – using different blocks, bricks and construction toys to build, explore mathematical properties and investigate different ways of fitting things together.
  • Snack and Cooking Area – we learn to pour milk independently from a jug, select different fruits, weigh and follow a recipe when we cook.
  • Mark Making Area – painting, collage, drawing and writing.
  • Playdough Area – cutting, rolling, shaping and manipulating. We learn to use tools and equipment safely.
  • Investigation and Fine Motor Area – insects, mirrors, magnets, lenses, threading and manipulating.
  • Role Play Area – pretend play, copying what adults do at home and in different scenarios, communicating and learning to interact socially with others.
  • Water Area – pouring, filling, emptying, and learning mathematical vocabulary.
  • Sand Area – filling, using tools, investigating and talking about different properties.
  • Garage and Car Area – pretend play, using tools
  • Dressing Up Theatre and Music Area – performing, singing, dancing, acting, role playing.
  • Climbing Area – learning to be safe, travelling up, under, around, over and through different equipment.
  • Bike Area – pedalling, steering, using muscles and avoiding obstacles.


Some of these areas are indoors and some are outdoors. The learning that takes place outside is just as valuable as that which takes place inside.


Soon you will be invited to talk to Ms Budgen about the progress your child is making at Nursery. We value the knowledge and understanding that you have of your child at home and will be asking you to contribute to our plans. We have specific children that we will be focussing on each week. Look out for the letter telling you when it is your child’s turn to be our focus child for the week. Following that week, you will be invited to chat to us about what we have found out after observing your child closely.


We hope that this information is helpful to you. If you have any questions about Nursery, please chat to Ms Budgen who will happily answer your questions.